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Development of Entomopathogenic fungi based biopesticide technology

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Рубрика: Генетика. Микробиология

Баркод: 9783843392822

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Biopesticide is need of chemical free food production. Entomopathogenic fungi based biopesticides are special among microbial pesticide due to its unique mode of action. This book is complete production technology for cost effective production of mycoinsecticides based on entomopathogenic fungi. The book puts light on isolatin, identification, molecular characterization, bioefficacy, mass production, formulation, quality control, shelf life and toxicology of mycopesticides. Compatibility of chemical vs chemical pesticide is wel studied but compatibility of biopesticide vs chemical pesticide is less explored. One chapter of this book is dedicated to compatibility of mycopesticides against several chemical pesticides. Submerge and solid state fermentation methods for entomopathogenic fungi are well discussed in another chapter and locally available cheaper solid substrate based production method is disclosed. The laboratory, greenhouse and open field mass trials of the product are conducted and discussed in detail. I hope this book will be a complete guide for mycopesticide Manufacturers.

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