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Role of Capsule in Pathogenesis of Klebsiella pneumoniae in Rat Model

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This study is designed to compare total polysaccharide concentrations extracted from isolated Klebsiella pneumoniae,and to investigate the cellular events leading to pneumonia by K. pneumoniae with highest capsular polysaccharide and contributions each of CP & lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in this process.For determination amount of CP in all isolates,total polysaccharide was extracted by heating method their quantification was done on the bases of standard glucose curve.Obtained results were revealed that K. pneumoniae differ in their CP concentrations in regard to the site of isolation.The highest polysaccharide content was isolated from blood specimens. Host response was characterized under histological study to the whole bacterial cells,CP & LPS challenge in rat model pneumonia. Results of histopathological examinations in rats suffered from induced pneumonia with mentioned treatments,in case of bacterial cells despite the clearance of inoculated K. pneumoniae from the blood and lung tissues,lung section showed severe pneumonic reaction,followed by CP that exhibited relatively same changes,while LPS did not reveal profound effect.

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