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Biotic and abiotic elicitors inducing defense responses in tomato

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Tomato is one of the most popular vegetable throughout the world, and the importance of its cultivation is threatened by a wide array of pathogens. In the last twenty years this plant has been successfully used as a model plant to investigate the induction of defense pathways after exposure to fungal, bacterial and abiotic molecules, showing triggering of different mechanisms of resistance. Understanding these mechanisms in order to improve crop protection is a main goal for Plant Pathology. The aim of this study was to search for general or race-specific molecules able to determine in Solanum lycopersicon immune responses attributable to the main systems of plant defense: non-host, host-specific and induced resistance. To conclude this work, race-specific resistance of tomato against the leaf mold Cladosporium fulvum is also deepened, describing the project followed at the Phytopathology Laboratory of Wageningen (NL), dealing with localization of a specific R-Avr interaction in transfected tomato protoplast cultures through fluorescence microscopy.

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