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Antifungal Susceptibilty Profile of Candida species

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The study of resistance to antifungal agents has lagged behind that of antibacterial resistance for several reasons. Perhaps, fungal diseases were not recognized as important pathogens until recently. Between 1950-1970, the annual death rate due to candidiasis has been on steady rate. And Since then the rate has increased significantly in association with several changes in medical practice, such as more widespread use of therapies that suppress the immune system, indiscriminate use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, the common use of indwelling intravenous devices, and the advent of chronic immunosuppressive viral infections such as AIDS. The book vividly explained the various techniques for isolation and characterization of Candida spp as well as procedure for conducting antifungal susceptibility test. It also covered pattern of reproduction in yeast, its structure, growth requirements, role of probiotic in the management of yeast infection etc. Also, captured were current research findings on candidal infections. The book could be useful to Medical Microbiologists, Pharmacists, Clinicians, Medical Laboratory Scientists and those interested in area of medical mycology.

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