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Biocontrol of Root-Rot Disease Complex of Chickpea

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Рубрика: Генетика. Микробиология

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Soil provides an excellent niche for the rhizosperic microorganisms and seems to be the hot-spot for the microbial interactions. Among the soil microorganisms Arbsucular mycorrhizal and other phosphate solubilizing microorganisms can promote the plant growth and also very effective against the soil borne diseases. The mycorrhizal fungi have the ability to improve plant vigor, soil quality and also play a crucial role in nutrient uptake, water relations, ecosystem establishment and the productivity of plants. Similarly, phosphate solubilizing microorganisms can profoundly, improve the seed germination, root development, and water uptake by plants. Beside this they can also improve the nutrient uptake or indirectly by changing the microbial balance in favour of beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere and can suppress the broad spectrum of plant borne plant pathogens. Considering the importance of these symbionts in the plant disease protection, it came into highlight for research that the combined application of these microorganisms is more beneficial than use of single agent and provides a better management against the soil borne plant pathogens.

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