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Phylogenetics of PGP Acinetobacter species from wheat rhizosphere

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India is a country of agriculture however due to increasing population and loss of soil fertility; there is a strong need to obtain sustainable agriculture. One way to achieve sustainable agriculture is to apply plant growth promoting rhizobacteria to agricultural fields. Exploration of diversity and plant growth promoting traits of bacteria such as Acinetobacter from rhizosphere of wheat; a major cash crop; was thus undertaken. In this investigation, use of Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis along with genus specific primers and the nested PCR approach helped to account the complete Acinetobacter population and thus has publicized that diverse Acinetobacter species associated with rhizosphere of wheat varieties cultivated in different soil types. The investigation also revealed that there transpires “rhizosphere effect” on Acinetobacter species associated with wheat rhizosphere. Further, this study has given an insight to the beneficial role of associated Acinetobacter species in plant growth promotion of wheat. In conclusion, this piece of research work has commenced a new paradigm to reveal role of Acinetobacter in sustainable agriculture.

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