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Bioremediation of Chromium by Phanerochaete chrysosporium MTCC787

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Рубрика: Генетика. Микробиология

Баркод: 9783848411078

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Chromium as a pollutant is of major concern as the metal is used in various industrial processing like electroplating, metal finishing, leather tanning and chromate preparation. Chromium found in water bodies and in soil is in the form of Trivalent Cr and Hexavalent Cr .Hexavalent Cr being of particular concern because of its greater toxicity. At present various microorganisms are used for bioremediation of heavy metals from soil and water bodies.In this book bioremediation of chromium from fortified solutions by a white rot fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium (MTCC787) using in form of viable cells, microbial biosorbent (dried cells) and immobilized cells studied. The percentage removal of chromium was analyzed by UV-Visible spectrophotometer (HitachiU-2900). In this book various physical parameters like pH and liquid medium i.e. basal salt medium, malt extract medium,EDTA,Citric Acid,Tween 80 and also the two different temperature parameters i.e. 37and40 degree celsius were studied.

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