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Antibacterial-resistance of Klebsiella

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Incidence of Antibacterial Resistant Klebsiella in some parts of South Western Nigeria was conceived out of the desire to trace the causes of antibiotics resistance which is now threatening empirical treatments in clinical enviroments. Klebsiella have long been a source of worries in the cause of urinary tract infection and a major source of public health concern. In the paediatric wards, nosocomial Klebsiella infections are especially troublesome particularly in infants and also in intensive care units. Klebsiella are often the pathogens involved in neonatal sepsis, in both early-manisfetation and late manisfestation infections. From the relative distribution of Klebsiella species across Nigeria, highest resistance came from tetracycline followed by augmentin antibiotics, while the least came from ofloxacin. In the case of third generation cephalosporine antibiotics, resistance was highest with ceftazidime and lowest with ceftriaxone. Lagos State had the highest distribution while Osun-state had the lowest. 16.7% of the isolates harboured plasmids while 13.3% showed amplification using the SHVbla primer.

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