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Synthetic Biology Science & Policy

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Рубрика: Генетика. Микробиология

Баркод: 9783639519365

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Molecular biology has made immense progress since Watson an Crick first discovered DNA in 1953. The steady advancements over the last half century have made it progressively easier to sequence the genetic code of any organism and even manufacture or ‘synthesize’ sections of DNA. This has led to a watershed moment in molecular biology that has given scientist a tool with the freedom and flexibility to reinvent life itself. Synthetic biology opens the doors for man-made viruses and microorganisms. It is a dual-use technology that holds both promise as well as peril; just as the technology can be used in the development of life-saving therapeutics, it too can be used to synthesize biothreat agents by malicious parties. Synthetic Biology: Science & Policy investigates the science and policies in synthetic biology and its related interdisciplinary fields. The technology is not yet at the maturity where biothreat agents can be easily fabricated. Now is the opportunity when preemptive measures and regulatory networks can be established, and the time to develop policies that can serve the scientific community while meeting the safety and security challenges the technology presents

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