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Environmental flow regime for Wadi Zomar

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In general, many studies agrees about the status of Zomar stream as a potential hazard to the whole region, in this study the researcher try to identify the possible factors that complicate the problem of the risky flow regime and those factors play role in the ability of the flow regime to be restored as healthy environment for habitat and surrounded population. As all over assessment for the above mentioned factors, the main problems triggered by the absence of sufficient good quality base flow along the year. The presence of such good quality base flow, can help in continuous nutrients and bacterial wash out, this cannot necessarily remove the whole pathogens and pollution totally, but can reduce and help in efficient removal that can reach its maximum conditions with storm water in the water time, leading finally to a good improvement on the stream water quality and consequently healthy environment in the surround. The water quality results show the trend of washout response to the extreme flood conditions. The results have reflected the effect of continuous waste water discharge on re-enhancing the bacterial growth.

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