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Advances in silver based water disinfection

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Рубрика: Генетика. Микробиология

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Microbes in drinking water cause various water borne infections. Although several technologies are in practice for water disinfection, chlorination is most common but it forms mutagenic / carcinogenic disinfection by products. Silver is an oligodynamic metal with antimicrobial property and found suitable for water disinfection. Application of silver ion and chemogenic / biogenic nanosilver are current advancements in area of water disinfection. Silver impregnation of minerals and carbonized biomass as adsorbent is emerging process to disinfect as well as remove certain pollutants from water. Ceramic filters, prepared with colloidal or nanosilver were found to be effective in water disinfection. Materials like clay, sand, ceramic, carbon nanotube, activated carbon / alumina, zeolite, resin, cellulose, polymers, primers, paints etc. in combination with silver are under ongoing development of newer technologies for water disinfection. Recent researches on silver electrochemistry have evolved new concepts of effective disinfection technologies to prevent water born diseases. Thus, silver based processes offer a safe disinfection of water and appropriate alternative to chlorination.

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