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Aflatoxin and Aflatoxicosis

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Contaminations of food/feed stuffs by microorganisms are well known. Fungi amongst microorganisms are ubiquitous in nature and can grow on a wide range of substances under favorable conditions. Aflatoxin, a secondary toxic fungal metabolite produced by A. flavus / parasiticus group of fungi, is the most potent hepatotoxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic agent Aflatoxins are highly substituted coumarin derivatives containing a fused dihydrofurofuran moiety.Aflatoxin has been reported to be carcinogenic in trout, duck, ro-dents, non – human primates and human beings.Peanut and cotton, the major crops of Gujarat are rated as “ high risk substrate ” for moldy growth and Aflatoxin production Administration through oral or any other routes is effective and the cancer produced is mainly localized in the liver, colon and kidney. Visualizing the seriousness of mycotoxins problem in human and animal health, various methods to control mycotoxins contamination such as prevention detoxification has been advocated.Compounds in food that are capable of altering the metabolism of carcinogens, such as AFB1 may play a vital role in the prevention and inhibition of carcinogen modification.

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