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Рубрика: Генетика. Микробиология

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Surfactants have various applications in life. Today, humans need biological supplements instead of chemical ones. So biosurfactants have found a special value. Biosurfactants are categorized according to their sources therefore, microalgae as one of these origins have special position. In this text, you will be familiar with the microalgal characteristics as producers of biosurfactans, their abilities and active substances. Finally some of the most important orders of microalgae; cyanobacteria; (Chroococcales, Oscillatoriales and Nostocales) have been introduced that their genera are of the best and suitable producers of surfactants. These microorganisms are the best candidate for producing of surfactant compounds that have severe competition with chemical compounds like xanthan. So in future these kinds of microalgal genera can found their position in different applications of life and industries.

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