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From Waste to Worth

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Рубрика: Генетика. Микробиология

Баркод: 9783659434662

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The world again green?? Who is going to think that way? We, the human beings are so busy in making the most valuable resources, a waste. Why don’t we take initiative to make every waste a worth? Science and technology can help us bringing the change. This piece of writing describes the way in which we can consume totally waste products i.e., animal muck and can develop biogas from it following the rules of fermentation. The process may look old and of no value at first but the idea was to enhance the productivity of the biogas. For this reason, microbiology was taken into account and it included the isolation of mesophilic flora from the manure in the beginning. A pool of microbes was isolated but the emphasis was laid on the isolation and identification of anaerobic life forms residing in the animal manure. The fresh manure was taken and Methanosarcina strain was isolated following anaerobic conditions and was named Methanosarcinae WS1 strain. When the prepared inoculum was added to the fermentor on alternative days, in addition to the manure, a remarkable increase in the flame quality and duration was observed as compared to the fermentor which contained merely manure.

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