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Optimization Of A Fungal Protease Production

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The present study was aimed to assess alkaline protease production of a locally isolated soil fungus Scopulariopsis spp. The selected screening medium had 1% (w/v) casein as an inducer. The sodium carbonate of 2 M strength was used to adjust the initial pH of the medium to 10.0 in order to isolate alkalophilic fungi. Under submerged fermentation, the parameters influencing enzyme secretion were optimized. Maximum enzyme production occurred on the 5th day of incubation on fermentation medium with initial pH 9.0, incubation temperature of 37 ?C, 3% inoculum concentration, 2% casein as substrate and 1.5% tryptone as a nitrogen source. Under these optimized fermentation conditions, a 3.04-fold increase (from 5.85 to 17.77 U.ml-1) in protease activity was noticed. High enzyme activity at alkaline pH suggested that the fungus can be exploited for use in leather processing and detergent industries.

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