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DNA Extraction Using Liquid Nitrogen for Molecular Detection By PCR

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A broad spectrum of microorganisms and their produced toxins can dwell our food, containing bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasitic protozoa, and helminthes parasites. All Kind of foods commonly have a load of microorganisms that stack during yield or during the post yield period of time . Beside; In order to efficiently struggle for microbial food contamination, it is indispensable to swiftly and carefully detect contaminants and their toxins . Considering the ever increasing population and industrialization of the developmental trend of humankind's life, traditional techniques are so difficult and also time consuming to detect the toxins produced in food products .. This is due to the fact that the isolation time for food products is not cost-effective and even in most of the cases, the precision in the practical techniques like the bacterial cultivation and other techniques suffer from operator errors or the errors of the mixtures used. Staphylococcus spp., is a common bacteria in cattle mastitis. Detection of the low number of bacteria requires a sensitive method. We used Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction (M-PCR) assay to detect the genes encoding SEA, SEB, SEC toxins .

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